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Ishaan: To begin with, could you give me some insight as to how MangaGamer is set up in terms of projects? How many people do you usually assign to a single project?

EvoSpace: Currently, we have two lines of localization set up, working concurrently. They each consist of translators, scripters, editors, proofreaders, and testers. We have one or several translators depending on the project size. The scripters are the ones who convert the code of the original game to the visual novel engine we are using. Both of these first halves of the projects take about a month working concurrently, and then we get to the second half which is the testing and quality-checking stage.
Obviously, some people are required to multi-task and longer games take a longer time. There was a lot to organize in the beginning, but now, things are running smoother than ever before, including hiring translators who are knowledgeable about these visual novels.


Ishaan: So, you don’t recycle the engine the original developer used. Instead, you bring the assets into your own custom engine? Is it the same engine across all your games?

EvoSpace: Yes. We use a system based on the BGI (Buriko General Interpreter) engine for all our games so far. This is for smoother gameplay and maximum compatibility in the English PC environment.
はい。BGI(Buriko General Interpreter)ベースのエンジンを全てのゲームで使用しています。スムーズなプレイと、英語のPC環境との互換性のためです。

BGIは日本製のゲームエンジンであり、英語環境云々という発言の根拠は不明です。(日本のメーカーでは、MangaGamerが一部作品の英語版をリリースしているOVERDRIVEの他、オーガストやLump of Sugar等がこのエンジンを使用しています。)MangaGamerがコード変換というリスクを冒してまで同一のエンジンを使用するのはむしろ、ダウンロード販売でのプロテクトを同じ形式で提供する必要があるためとも考えられます。

Ishaan: Now, MangaGamer is an entirely solo operation, unlike JAST USA, Peach Princess and G-Collections. How’s that working out for you? Do you think there’s an advantage to being your own entity, or would you rather have the cross-promotion those companies do?
PeachPrincessにG-Collectionsという2つのブランドを擁するJAST USAとは違い、今のところ、MangaGamerは単体で事業を行っていますよね。それはどのような結果をもたらしていますでしょうか?全てを自社で行っていることは利点だと思いますか?それとも、JAST USAのような戦略を採りたいと考えていますか?

EvoSpace: I would say we are doing fine for now just under one single name. Since the English visual novel market isn’t as diverse as in Japan, we are getting fairly good exposure to the core consumer directly. But in order to reach out to the more casual fans, I think it is necessary to go over the border of just this market and do promotions with sites of bigger / wider areas of interests.

MangaGamerは現在、いわゆる純愛モノ・ダーク系を含む美少女ゲームと、全年齢対象である『ひぐらしのなく頃に』を扱っており、さらにはマンガ事業まで展開しようとしています。ちなみにJAST USAは大まかに言って、日本のD.O.系列の作品をG-Collectionsが、PeachPrincessがその他の作品をリリースしています。

Ishaan: By "sites of wider areas of interest," do you mean more mainstream game sites or are you thinking beyond those to try and attract the attention of an even more mainstream consumer? I mean, I hate to be this blunt, but "sex sells," so there’s definitely a market outside of our niche. And even without taking that factor into consideration, these are called visual "novels" in the end.

EvoSpace: Maybe not towards the crowd who only plays western games, but I believe those people who play Japanese RPGs, watch animes, and/or read manga are all potential customers.
Yes, "sex sells", and I think it is an easy way to appeal to first timers, but it could be or not be the main appeal of the game itself. I’m hoping more people will grow to like other elements such as the stories, characters, and music of these titles.

Ishaan: So, the "casual-niche." People that are into Japanese entertainment media in general, but don’t actively seek out information on all the different kinds of products. Has there been any discussion as to how you’d go about that? Attending anime conventions is something you already do, for example.


EvoSpace: Since it takes a lot of effort to attend conventions throughout the world, we are starting from something subtle but specific like getting advertisement space on the pamphlet of the conventions. If there is someone from a similar industry having an exhibit, we would like to ask them to pass out free demo discs of our game.

昨年はMangaGamer、JAST USA共に、北米最大のアニメコンベンションであるAnimeExpoに出展しています。一方、台湾の美少女ゲームパブリッシャーであるFuture-Digiも、台湾でののイベント(どちらかというと同人誌即売会)に出展しています。MangaGamerは日本からゲスト(tororo団長や所属アーティスト)を呼ぶなど、イベント出展に積極的なイメージだったのですが…やはり色々大変なようですね。

Ishaan: What about getting in touch with anime publishers so you can arrange for pamphlets or free demos with their DVDs or maybe booking advertising space on fansub websites?

EvoSpace: Yes, I’m hoping we can definitely work with anime publishers. Maybe start from something small like a simple link exchange.
The fansub and fan-translation crowds are another group we would like to closely work with. If there is a translator who would like to work on our team, we could even offer them a position.




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